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How It Began

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Beginning: the point in time or space at which something starts.

If you were asked how did you create the mindset you have today, you probably would say through experience and lessons learned. Most of us have had enough experiences in our life that has allowed us to cement a particular mindset about life, love, family, and how we view ourselves. However, the root of our thoughts often originates from where it all begin-at home.

As we grow mentally and physically we take what we have learned good or bad from our closest influencers, mainly family, and combine it with our experiences in the outside world. We navigate through the unknown using what we can or want to and ignoring what doesn't fit the direction we are going. It's a part of the maturing process. And while it is one of the driving forces in our day-to-day lives, we often fail to see how some adopted thoughts and mindsets create the various obstacles we try to avoid.

I remember when I was younger and had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. It wasn't such a big deal since I was still in school and I felt I had time. However, as I began entering my last years of high school, I was faced with more questions than answers about my future. The issue I faced was related to the way I was raised. I came from a single-family home where my mother spent her time trying to provide for my brother and me. Although this is an unfortunate norm for many people, I grew up feeling inadequate. These thoughts evolved and fueled many of my insecurities. I developed a less than appealing thought of myself and it carried with me through adulthood.

I made decisions based on those feelings which kept me from reaching my true potential. If I look back I can see particular decisions I made out of fear and doubt, that impeded my success and happiness. However, at the moment I felt I was making decisions that protected my thoughts. Fast forward years later, after adopting a legacy mindset, I find myself making more meaningful decisions because I have better thoughts about who I am.

If we stop and think about how we feel, then ask what thoughts we hold that make a feel that way, we can begin to dissect how our thoughts dictate our feelings. And if we recognize that our thoughts are formed at an early age in life we can see how it has evolved positively or negatively over time. What we think today may not be the same thoughts you had earlier in life, but those initial thoughts either promoted a change in your life or perpetuated and amplified your thoughts.

Where does this leave us? Like anything from the past, it helps us recognize, but mostly forgive ourselves for our undesirable thoughts. It gives us the ability to pinpoint where change needs to occur and make the necessary adjustments that will serve us.

Sometimes we need added support when facing challenges in our lives. Our coaches at Life and Legacy Coaching have skills and tools that can help you overcome these obstacles. Book a free consultation and let's Redefine Your Life and Legacy.

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